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January 14, 2013
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Dear friend & watchers,

Big Thanks you all for the birthday wishes and dedications, I was reading them on and off during the day with a big smile! I am still a little shocked how time is flying but I will get over it, doesn't help watching tv/movies with "flashbacks" to 1986* as if it was eons ago :no: :lmao: I've decided that life is too short and get things and do things I want this year anyway have a great week :ahoy:

Awesome dedications from friends and watchers :manhug:

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A Birthday Wish by LUCILALEYLA:809: by 8o-clock
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Time For Kris by Corvidae65
Honeylovers by kayandjay100
:thumb348492748:cABANE Ikea by TofstoFsThe Mansion Of Crows by maiarcita

B'day feature for Izgor :iconimpaled-corpse: :ahoy: :cake:

Dead Wood by Impaled-CorpseThe Dead Baby by Impaled-Corpse
Forest Of Doom by Impaled-Corpse:thumb301893317:

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